Cookies Policy

What are cookies and what are they used for?

Cookies are small text files placed by a web browser on the device of person (hereinafter you) visiting the webpage of Endover KVB (registry code 10308874, address Tartu Road 2, 10145 Tallinn, Republic of Estonia; hereinafter we).

Cookies are used to assess and monitor your use of our website in order to offer you an enhanced, more personalised online experience and help you navigate the website more efficiently.

What kind of cookies do we use on our website?

Our website uses first-party and third-party cookies which, according to their type, can be either temporary or permanent.

First-party cookies are placed by the website visited and can be either temporary or permanent. These cookies help us save data that will be used next time you visit our website.

Third-party cookies are placed by third parties, i.e. entities we interact with to be able to provide our services (Google Inc, Google Analytics, Facebook Inc, Vimeo Inc). These cookies are used to collect data for the purposes of website analytics and advertising. Please keep in mind that we have no control over third-party cookies, and their placement and use is governed by the privacy policy of the entities placing them.

Temporary, or session cookies are deleted by your device after you leave our website. For example, temporary cookies are necessary for saving your language settings on our website.

Permanent cookies are saved on your device after you leave our site. Permanent cookies can be stored on your device for months or even years.

Our websites may use the following types of cookies and place them on your device.

Technical cookies make it possible for visitors to navigate the website and use its functions.

Analytics cookies collect data on your use of the website. These cookies do not collect any information that could identify you.

Authentication cookies help the website remember your user preferences.

Advertising cookies are used by the website to enable it to display targeted ads. These cookies control how often a specific ad is shown to you and also help measure the effectiveness of ads.

Multimedia cookies store technical data necessary to play audio-video content.

How to disable cookies

By continuing to use our website, you consent to the use of cookies. If you want to prevent cookies from being stored on your device, adjust your browser’s security settings to be informed on the use of cookies, to disable all cookies or to delete cookies previously saved on your device. Keep in mind that while blocking all kinds of cookies might help to protect your privacy, it may also adversely affect the functionality of our website.

Below are some recommendations for optimally adjusting the cookie and security settings of your browser.

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Changes to our Cookies Policy

We reserve the right to modify and update our Cookies Policy at any time due to legislative and regulatory changes. To review updates of and changes to our Cookies Policy, check the content of this page when visiting our site.

Contact information

If you have any questions about our Cookies Policy, please contact us by visiting our office at Tartu Road 2, Tallinn 10145, e-mailing us at or calling us at +372 666 0620.